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The Design key point of pallet racking and steel structure.(2)


4) Material Handling Equipment.

  The loading/unloading job of warehouse is done by material handling equipment. Thus when end customers choose storage racking and shelving systems, he should also consider material handling equipment. Stacker is the most popular handling equipment. Width and depth of racking system is the major factor which affect the model & size of stacker. In other hand loading capacity and lifting height should be also considered.


5) In/out warehouse quantity

  Some racking system has high storage density, but turnover rate is very low, which is only suitable for low frequency storage. In these years most end users require high turnover rate to save logistic cost. Thus designer should consider turnover rate carefully



The design of racking & shelving steel structure is very complex. If the design is not properly, it will either bring in hidden trouble of safety for customer or waste material or increase the cost of customer.


The design process is as below:


Traditional design is base on manual. It divided to initial design and technical design. Under the premise of racking mechanics, designer should reflect the storage purpose with as less/simple as possible of storage unit. Under reach the reliability and rigidity of system. IE: For high upright frame, we can choose different material thickness for different section of frame, 1.8mm for top section, 2.0 for middle section and 2.3 for bottom section. Secondly, choose suitable beam and post specification to make best design effect and most cost effective solution.


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