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Mention shelves can everyone already familiar with, from our country ancient Chinese medicine shop to modern medicine cupboard used in various mall stores all kinds of shelves, to large-scale three-dimensional warehouse of the reinforced or more advanced material made of shelves, is people have the familiar, but the deeper into the professional Angle shelves, might not many people know. The development of modern logistics, three-dimensional warehouse is the appearance and development of the premise, is with the industry, to adapt the development of science and technology. Modern production, more and more prompted industrial production socialization, specialization, centralization. The height of the production mechanization, automation inevitable requirement of supply timely and distribute goods quickly, accurately. This has prompted three-dimensional warehouse technology of rapid development, and has become a high-tech plant design of a symbol.
When saving cost and improve the efficiency of the modern management idea become managers of the first consideration when, how to effectively use the storage space, how to improve the use of warehouse volume, also up on the important position. Store a key management has two directions, one is how to increase the effective use of a storage space, the second is how to promote the flow of the goods. Storage space of the goods as the space, the space is the surface for store of content with, but actually this one space for purchasing goods shipped distribution in JiZhan, so keep area has become a hub of the goods storage and transportation center. So keep the effective use of space has become managers and logistics center industry efforts to improve the important research subject.
For space planning, first must first classification, understand each the use of space direction, then evaluated in all aspects of the weight of the trade-offs, evaluation have weight after comparison of any design layout. If the space already limited to carry on planning and design changes will seek to what method to the ready-made custody of space utilization plays to the limit. This to the shelves put forward higher request. The emergence of the modernized warehouse, runs the shelves of the development.