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In daily life, pallet racking is not only used for logistic center but also for supermarket. Pallet racking can help customer to buy and unload.


There are several factors we have to consider when choose pallet racking:


1.       We should consider the environment which pallet racking will put into. The temperature, humidity will affect the surface of pallet racking.


2.       We have to measure the size and height of warehouse to decide the size of pallet racking, and make out a layout drawing for how to locate each racking.


3.       Collect all necessary information of your pallet size, pallet weight, store quantity, required turn over and what kindly of material handling equipment you will use


4.       Decide the other accessory such like shelf, wire mesh deck required by the operator.


All in all, you have to selected a reliable racking supplier for your to handle all the problems.

As a professional pallet racking supplier. T Racking can fit for all the job for the warehouse.

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