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Storage System is a indispensable sub system of enterprise logistic system. Logistic systems engage to provide satisfied service with lowest cost for customers. Thus storage system play a important role in warehouse system. As storage make use in arranging material and product demand and requirement, thus storage could improve the service of enterprise and help enterprise be more competitive in market competition.


Storage Racking Plays below functions during operation:

1. Reduce transportation cost and improve transportation efficiency.

Large amount of full container transportation will reduce transportation cost dramatically. When supply chain works, enterprise mostly purchase small lot of material from different suppliers, then load in one truck to factory. Also enterprise deliver large amount of cargo into different logistic centers. Then transport to end retail shop or customer directly. Such logistic center help reduce cost a lot.


2. Integrating various of products.

Considering the difference of color, size, profile etc.. The tooling line of enterprise includes a lot of different products. Those products were manufactured in different factory. Workers could assemble & fit different product together then deliver to different customers. This is especially important for modern International companies. They manufacture different parts in different countries then assemble in the end market, which make the best economical result from integrating..


3.Support after sale service.

The warehouse & logistic center also support after sale service for enterprise. These days after sale service is also a important factor for each company. Choose the suitable warehouse can reduce the time of parts transportation, which could lead to better customer satisfy rate.


4.Adjust conflict of supply and demand.

For some product there is peak season and off season. Logistic center could help storage the product makes in off season, which can help enterprise have better operation.


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