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Pallet Racking has heavy loading capacity, the loading can be 4500kg/level, it’s easy to load/unload, pallet racking is one of the most widely used racking systems. It’s universal and reliable. The structure is racking locate according to width direction of warehouse and leave a passage in the middle way. The passage is used for forklift, stacker and other material handling equipment to move. The racking is divided into several rows lengthways and several levels in vertical way. Thus there are many levels of pallet positions to storage pallet.
Features: Each pallet can be loaded/unloaded freely. Warehouse racking make the loading/unloading job easily and faster. It can fit various of cargo, the beam height can be adjustable according to cargo height. Pallet racking could make maximum use of top space. The spare parts is simple and cost effective, it’s also easy to install and relocation.
Pallet Racking is made from quality steel, the surface treatment is powder coating. It’s unti rusty/ stable. The specification and loading can reach different capacity requirements. Especially fit for factory, warehouse. A lot of other kinds of racking system derive from pallet racking. It can also be the support structure for mezzanine floor and steel platform.
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