Dexion Racking
Dexion RackingProduct Description:
Dexion compatible pallet racking System provides efficient use of storage space for palletized loads. With a wide range of options and components available, our system can be tailor - made to meet your precise needs. T-Racking provides efficient pallet storage, which is compatible with all types and sizes of pallets along with any type of handling equipments.

Our Dexion Racking System is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 International Standards and complies with the SEMA, FEM, AS4084 Code of Practice for the design of pallet racking.

Our uprights bear the full load of the pallet racking system. The transfer of rack loads from the beams through the uprights is therefore critical to overall system strength, safety and performance.

Our upright is designed to carry the rack load on the front face without twisting, distorting or stressing metal.The profile of the slots transfers the load vertically down the upright and allows beams to connect without being wedged in so that the side loads are not imposed on the upright by the beam end connector.

Our uprights have a significantly deeper flange (side face) than other conventional racking systems, providing greater overall strength, rigidity and a greater resistance to lateral impact damage.