Mobile Racking
Mobile Racking
Product Description:
The versatility and efficiency of powered mobile pallet racking make it particularly suitable for use in cold stores, high rental premises, bulky multi product applications,
palletised consumer goods and food products.

Powered mobile pallet racking comprises units of conventional pallet racking mounted on a steel framed base. The base is a diagonally braced structure, below which sit two bogies, with direct drive electric motors.
The wheels run along a track set into the floor. Floor rails will be laid at the same time as a new floor, or in a warehouse with an existing floor, rail channels must be cut.
Varying rack configurations and bogie types are available to suit single bay loads of up to 15 tonnes and run lengths of up to 30 metres.
most warehouses have more space dedicated to fresh air than loads!


Offers maximum space utilisation
Fast and easy access
Offers the best possible combination of space utilisation and selectivity