Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving
Product Description:
Professional Filing Systems has provided our clients with state of the art High-Density Mobile Storage Systems for over 20 years.

Tong Li has installed systems for all types of Business Records, Medical Records, X-Ray Jackets, Archive Boxes, Weapons, Parts, Tools, Evidence Rooms, Museum Artifacts, Art, and more.

Mobile Shelving Storage Systems come in three different forms: Electric, Mechanical Assist, Manual . All of these forms of Mobile Filing Systems save you space by reducing the amount of actual floor space your storage takes up. Mobile Shelving Systems remove all of the aisles except the one in use and compact the shelving. The shelving sits on a carriage which sits on a track that is installed in the floor of your office space or storage facility.

Mobile Storage Systems aren't just for files. They are also for:

* Law Libraries
* Public & Private Libraries
* Heath Care Storage
* Government Offices
* Fine Art Storage
* Archival Storage
* Archeological Storage
* Back-Room Storage
* Files or Folders

No matter how you store your existing materials, you can use High Density Storage Systems to maximize your storage space or minimize the floor space required.