The role and function of shelf Introduction

1. Shelf concept:

Literal pallet racking terms in general, refers to store goods shelf shelf. In the warehouse equipment, storage shelf is designed for the storage devices into items. Shelf in the

logistics and warehouse occupies a very important position, with the rapid development of modern industry, a significant increase in the amount of logistics, warehouse

for the realization of modern management, to improve the warehouse functions, requires not only the shelf quantity, but also requires a multi- , and to mechanization

and automation requirements.

2. The role and function of the shelf:

Shelf in the modern logistics activities, plays an important role in warehouse management to achieve modernization, and shelf types, functions have a direct


The role and function of the shelf has the following aspects:

(1) shelf is a frame structure, can take full advantage of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization, expanding the warehouse storage capacity.

(2) into the shelves of goods, and do not squeeze, material loss, can complete their functions to ensure supplies and reduce the loss of the goods.

(3) shelves of goods, access to convenient, easy to inventory and metering, can be FIFO.

(4) to ensure the quality of goods stored, you can take moisture, dust, theft, anti-sabotage measures to improve the quality of goods stored.

(5) Many new shelf structure and function is conducive to mechanization and automation of storage management.