The use of heavy shelves safety issues need attention

1, to prevent pallet racking top-heavy with heavy-duty shelf: light goods should be placed high, the underlying principle put heavy cargo.
2, used to prevent overloading of heavy shelf: the weight of goods stored on each shelf shall not exceed the maximum design load.
3, heavy-duty shelves to prevent ultra-wide use: the shelf-storey, layer width has been restricted, pallets and goods should be slightly smaller than the size of

the net space 100mm.
4, to prevent collision with heavy-duty rack: truck during operation, should be gently.
5, heavy-duty shelves with goods to be placed above the shelf, the operators try not to go directly to the bottom shelf.
6, heavy-duty shelves to prevent the use of non-standard platform with a board (card board) to use on the shelf, Sichuan words at the end of the most suitable. In

the use of heavy-duty shelves, when the cargo height of more than eight meters, a special attention is that it requires the appropriate handling machinery. Due to the

required channel size is large, it is a small storage density than other systems. Heavy-duty adjustable shelves storey, together with a variety of forklift trucks and

stackers model, heavy-duty storage shelves to achieve fast access to all pallets, cargo unit cell up to 2000KG, is the industry's most commonly used storage. Every one

or deposited in a separate tray can move without moving the other tray. Can adapt to all types of shelves. Heavy duty storage shelves can be requested by cargo size,

adjust the beam height. Large circulation of goods, loading and unloading quickly. The simplest equipment, the lowest cost, fast installation and off loaded.