Warehouse database management

Recent years,pallet racking the warehouse is a very important aspect of business, and as time goes on, now, whether from the number of enterprises, business value, equipment,

facilities, or the shelf product variety, quality and performance achieved etc a certain level. Structured management; extend the shelf life of the product with.

1, should have into the warehouse, shipping loading and unloading platform, easy to operate out of storage;

2, warehouse lighting should be sufficient to meet the night warehouse operations (such as freight shipments, etc.), storage power cord may not have exposed the


3, the bank should draw the yellow line marked storage areas, stack spaces, roads, database access should be smooth, without obstructing vehicular traffic;

4, the warehouse should be equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment (fire hydrant 1 / 210 square meters), regular check failure, storage of fire equipment should

be placed on easy to find, pick the location;

5, each warehouse should warehouse floor plan, and indicate the database product distribution, warehouse flat structure, storage area;

6, the product identification of each stack is complete, the replacement should be timely, accurate (type, quantity), the identity of each stack cargo legible, a

uniform, identification card suspension the same location.

7, the bank should have the stevedores loading and unloading of the plate, with handling the necessary tools: carts, forklifts, etc.;

8, the Treasury should be dry, flat ground, and clean; warehouse doors, windows should be intact, and is equipped with keys, garage door openers to implement personnel


9, the warehouse floor should be kept free of dust, no debris, paper and other debris, clean the bank should have the tools (broom, mop, trash, etc.), the warehouse

carts, brooms and other tools should be placed in a fixed focus, reasonable position, not free throw.

Of increasingly complex international trade environment, companies must constantly walk the road of innovation, effective management in order to have quality, big

brand to be invincible. Shelf industry gradually recognized around the world to better prices and quality to win. Important part of the warehouse shelf for an

effective operation of the warehouse, set the database management is necessary. Warehouse database management