To achieve the full pallet flow and resource sharing community

Specifications are not unified, pallet racking not quality assurance, cost a lot of wood, can not transport general, it is difficult with the international specification standards ... ... all the logistics pallet industry unsatisfactory status quo, delaying the development of China's logistics industry to accelerate the pace. To this end, held in Changchun on 26 June the executive heads of the four northeastern provinces in cooperation joint meeting, led by the Dalian palletized logistics joint industrial projects were included in one of four action plans, much industry attention.

Tray is important to improve the efficiency of logistics equipment. A product to leave the production line from the moment, to transportation, storage, handling, packaging, distribution, distribution of all the logistics chain, if there is no tray to spend several times more than a few times the time and labor. Such as cement, shipping a car alone need more than two hours of artificial shipment, and use of trays with forklift operation, 25 minutes to get.

Under the plan, from 2011, the four northeastern provinces of Liaoning Province will be the lead, with the establishment of joint innovation and development of the logistics industry, palletized Promotion Center, namely the establishment of six platforms, improve the function of eight, with five years to achieve production capacity of 200 million pallets, value of $ 100 billion pallet rental income of 30 billion yuan.

Dalian in Northeast Asia by building an international shipping center and logistics center of Northeast Asia in the east, the city emerged in recent years a number of logistics technology-based innovation and enterprise. For the four northeastern provinces to lead the industry practice of palletized, City Logistics Association Secretary-General Zhao Licheng researcher said the project will lead to the socialization of logistics equipment to achieve the full pallet flow and resource sharing community.

Next, the four northeastern provinces and the government will strive to make the logistics palletized included in the "logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan the implementation details," for national level support; guide enterprises to actively participate in the water, railway, highway and intermodal logistics of large-scale tray Channel construction; study the establishment of industrial R & D and tray guide the development of policy, funding to support regional development and industrial pallets of industrial development.

In addition, the logistics departments will be based on national corporate tax pilot approach for the pallet and pallet recycling center lease public enterprises, logistics support for tax incentives; in road, railway transport establishment of specialized tray green, and secure palletized transport enterprises transport channel flow; large-scale circulation, or rent the whole dish into the shared system tray transport (export) of foreign trade enterprises can seek appropriate subsidies; four provinces to give priority to meet the pallet industry, land development projects; customs, commodity inspection, quality inspection departments as soon as possible to establish the logistics of the international flow of recycled pallets convenience channel.