Lightweight plastic packaging trends

In order to reduce plastic pallet racking bottle or cap the amount of resin used, injection molding process needs to change, the choice of material with a continuous injection molding technology to replace the back button technology, complete container cap injection molding process, the mold separated from the center of the strip, changing the bottle cover screw, so that you can reduce the weight of the lid, to achieve light weight goals.

When a plastic package has been successfully implemented lightweight, the part of the injection molding process required fewer resin material, the use of less packaging material, lightweight packaging for environmental protection is very useful, but this is not her The only advantage of lightweight packaging also has the advantage of using more ruthless, for example, can reduce material costs.

Large plastic container suppliers, said a large number of Japanese companies are on the lighter showed great concern, especially in the mass personal care products, such as plastic bottles or plastic jar packaging of skin care products. In general, compared to injection molded containers, plastic bottles or plastic jar lightweight goals easier to achieve.

Lightweight plastic packaging can ease people's concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more people choose to package better, faster production, packaging and weight to reduce their firm's products, the date of sale of large quantities of company products , each packing a small reduction on the amount of resin that businesses can bring considerable economic benefits, especially the price of resin raw materials under the premise of an unprecedented increase, more and more enterprises to issue increasingly strong lightweight packaging interest.

Reduce packaging weight, the environment and corporate earnings are good, lightweight is currently a commonly used industry term used to describe the production of materials by using less packaging, packaging for weight loss practice. In general, plastic bottles, plastic jar, plastic tubes and plastic covers and other types of containers easier to achieve weight loss goals.