Warehouse in the form of

By keeping purposes can be divided into:

1 storage-centric pallet racking storage - to save the main warehouse.
2-type warehouse logistics center - with storage, shipping, distribution, circulation and processing functions of the warehouse.
3 distribution centers based warehouse - with shipping, distribution and circulation processing functions.

According to architectural form can be divided into:

① cottage-type warehouses.

② two-story warehouse-type buildings.

③ warehouse-type multi-storey building.

④ underground warehouse.

⑤ warehouse.

Building a database of patterns, usually determined by the intended use. According to the nature of the operators can be divided into:

① own warehouse - a warehouse used their own

② business with storage - according to "warehouse operators storage method" business warehouse. Such warehouses are: Class 1 grocery warehouse storage; storage of wheat, fertilizer, Class 2 warehouses; custody of glass, tile the three types of warehouses; custody cement, cable open storage; storage of dangerous goods dangerous goods stores; storage of agricultural products, frozen seafood and frozen food warehouse eight.