Optimal management of ten cargo storage rules

Also in the manufacturing pallet racking enterprise warehouse plays an important position, and each department has professional links, can be said is the core. Since each is using money to buy materials, inventory, the company will occupy a lot of money. Therefore, warehouse management responsibility.

Most companies use a process with:

Warehouse management need to be good "four off":

First off: the number of closed storage (both quality)

Warehouse workers in the storage on a single sign, it means that so many parts in storage, but also means that companies must follow these parts of the value of the payment.

Then how can we put a good amount of storage off?

Warehouse workers receive first storage in a single, to parts of the product for Fan, name and physical cross-checking, and then counted. Inventory must be accurate. Warehouse workers in the confirmation number at the same time, having regard to parts quality (appearance is good). Found that the packaging is damaged, open the package must be checked in time.

Second off: off parts storage

Parts to be gently placed in accordance with the principle on-heavy. Should be noted that "moisture, moisture, insects, dust, rust, anti-theft."

Some people would say, "Quality is quality control and production sector of the thing, and the warehouse does not matter." In fact, the good and bad parts store, will directly affect the quality of parts. For example: In the store shelf or the extract when the parts do not accidentally break; storage of parts rust. So cherish Warehouse workers to develop the habit of materials, uninterrupted view of the parts to, and regularly do some dust, rust treatment.

Third off: make the transition out of the library off

In order to achieve "account, card, and material" consistent with the transfer of the library is equally important.

Warehouse workers and materials sectors led the transfer must be face to face point clear, do the handover procedures.

General business use of a triplicate of "requisition", a joint requisition departments to save, a joint warehouse, there is a joint financial saving. This will help when the monthly inventory errors, to be checked.

Fourth off: the book to be correct (the modern enterprise has adopted a special material management system to manage)

How to do the book without an error:

First person accounts to make sense of responsibility to be strong. Each time out, storage of data input, all the same to be accurate.

I believe the good over four Guan, warehouse management will get better!