Warehouse storage principles?

1. For channel storage. To make items out of storage the easy movement in

the warehouse,pallet racking the basic condition is to channel items for safekeeping.

2. Laying upward as much as possible, to improve storage efficiency.

Effective use of database volume, laying should be upward, to prevent

damage, ensure safety, it should be possible to use scaffolding and other

storage equipment.

3. According to the frequency of the selected library locations. Shipping

and receiving high frequency items should be placed near the entrances and

exits, easy-to-work areas; illiquid items on a little far away from the

entrance; seasonal items are placed according to their seasonal

characteristics of the selected sites.

4. Custody of the same species in the same place. To improve operational

efficiency and storage efficiency, the same items or similar items should be

kept in the same place, the staff of the bank's familiarity with the

placement of items directly affect the storage time will be similar to the

items on the adjacent areas is to improve efficiency important method.

5. Custody arrangement according to the weight of the location of items.

Cause to be placed establishments, heavy items on bottom, lighter items on

the shelf above. Require manual handling of large items places the height of

the waist as the base. This will improve efficiency and ensure safety is an

important principle.

6. Storage method based on shape of the arrangement. Custody based on the

shape of goods is also important, such as the standard push-based products

should be placed on pallets or shelves up custody.

7. Based on FIFO principle. An important one for keeping perishable, easily

damaged, perishable items; for functional and easy degradation, aging items,

as far as possible according to the principles of their ancestors, first-

out, speed up the turnover. As the commodity diversification,

personalization, short life of this principle is very important.